So you’re thinking about auditioning for the Blues? We’re excited to hear you sing! Hopefully, this page will answer some of your burning questions about the group. If you have any other questions, please email

The Audition Process

We work hard to make auditioning as easy and fun as possible. Don’t panic if you mess up! Nobody auditions perfectly.

At the audition:

  • We’ll teach you some of our warm-ups and sing them with you.
  • Once you’re comfortable with them, we’ll listen to you sing them alone, so we can see your range.
  • After that, we’ll play some intervals and get a sense for your accuracy.
  • Then you get to sing a song of your choice! We just need to hear a verse and a chorus, and any song is fine.

We’ll let you know about callbacks within a few days. It’s important to remember that we look at fit with the group, not just absolute ability, when we’re making our decision. For this reason, we try to call back only people that we think have a good chance of making it into the group. If you have auditioned for multiple groups and get multiple first round callbacks, be aware that you can only take one. Of course, if we’ve called you back, we hope you choose to go to the Blues callback! However, if you are called back to the Blues, but take a different group’s first round callback and do not get into that group, you can always contact us again to see if we are taking second round callbacks.

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